Live Green
Conceived as a Designer Boutique,’SriaNvi’ was  pioneered as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Eco-friendly lifestyles.
Creative combinations of a variety of customized Organic Fabrics and Fibres are used to build a pleasing and beautiful ambience be it your  residence, board room, conference room, work area, etc.Exclusively  woven theme based fabrics and fibres add a touch of class to your interiors and give  you a feel good factor and peace of mind.

This includes window blinds,   duvets, curtains,cushions,carpets,laminating surface,furnishing,false ceiling, partition……you name it!!

Banana fibre, Aromatic Vetiver, Korai, Linen, Ahimsasilk, jute, bamboo, cane, wood, raffia, modal, etc are some of the fibres used and woven into our patterns.
Does this interest you ….?look on and forward the contact to others.